YouTube Embedded Player Featuring Google Video Ads?

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If the new embedded player from YouTube (example below), with all of its bells & whistles including the ability to surf through related videos while watching a video or without having to leave the site in which the video was embedded, isn’t enough to get you excited about Google’s treatment of YouTube and its expansion of GoogTube offerings beyond Google Video and…. then maybe this will get your party started.

Here’s an example of the new YouTube embedded player. Notice how when you scroll over the video, other suggested video thumbnails are served (looks like they’ve changed it a bit since yesterday and now you’ll have to it the Menu button on the video player to scroll thru videos and rate them).

Now, ZDNet’s Garett Rogers has realized that some of these videos are actually put forth the idea that some of these videos could be Google Video Ads served via AdWords targeting. Notice how the status bar from the ZDNet theory reads “Sponsored : Video submitted through AdWords”

Is this the solution of successfully monetizing YouTube? Probably not the final solution but it is a very clever and efficient way to mix in sponsored messages along with user generated content, without sacrificing such content.

The ads are would be labeled as advertising and targeted to user profiles, video viewing behavior and relevancy to the video being viewed.

Since, hypothetically, these Google Video Ads are featured on sites outside of YouTube, by independent publishers and sites like MySpace, it would be logical for Google to begin sharing the video ad revenue from these clips with the publishers embedding the videos.

Result; more reason for bloggers to embed videos within their posts.


Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • bd_

    If you look a bit more carefully, you’ll see that the ZDnet article is pure speculation, and that screenshot has been edited as an example. Look up a bit, and you can see an (unedited) screenshot, with the exact same thumbnails, but a different (non-adwords) caption.

  • 中国互联网评论人士令狐达

    the auther is wrong, ZdNET is guessing or imaing, it is not fact yet.

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    Point well taken, I jumped to conclusion way too quickly. If the ads did exist however, it would be pretty decent placement 🙂

  • ben

    This is powerful. Really powerful! Related ads next to tagged content, all over blogs and social networks. Link into IPTV and my PDA. OMG. Cash cow bonanza! Marginalises traditional media. But Google evil? 😉

  • Biff Tiberius Farnsworth

    Loren, you should get a healthy dose of G juice just by virtue of the video you picked to embed. Gonna go do my Sunday afternoon like Jimi in the back of a limo 🙂


  • nazmikrasniqi