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New Yahoo Messenger 8.0 Opens With Developer Plug-ins

New Yahoo Messenger 8.0 Opens With Developer Plug-ins

Yahoo Messenger 8.0 Voice Beta was debuted today with a new plug-in function which allows for customized chats. The plug-ins and API for developers are opening up Yahoo Messenger for third party widgets for companies such as,, Coupons, Inc., eBay, and NewsGator. These plug-ins give their developers a new way to build brand recognition, trust and awareness via interactivity on the Yahoo Messenger application.

The new plug-ins for Yahoo Messenger can be found on, shared upon, or uploaded to the Yahoo Messenger Gallery at

In a similar direction as Yahoo Publisher Network and other Yahoo divisions, Yahoo Messenger opening up its technology via the Yahoo Developer Network should lead to some new and exciting tools available for download by publishers or businesses who wish to target the millions of daily Yahoo Messenger users.

More from BetaNews:

Yahoo will also offer plug-ins that would connect to various company services, including Yahoo! Answers, Calendar, Finance, Music, News, Sports, and Yahoo! 360.

“The new plug-ins for Yahoo! Messenger with Voice empower people to create the communications experience they want, by giving them a way to customize their IM service with their favorite Web features and services,” commented Brad Garlinghouse, senior vice president of Communications, Community and Front Doors, Yahoo.

Along with promoting Messenger as a development platform like AOL has done with AIM Triton, Yahoo has added a few new features in version 8.0 as well. Users can now have a contact list of up to 1,000 people, add sound effects into voice conversations, and the file transfer limit has increased to one gigabyte.

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New Yahoo Messenger 8.0 Opens With Developer Plug-ins

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