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New Wix AI Image Tools Makes Image Editing Apps Virtually Obsolete

Wix's new AI image tools makes stock image libraries and image editing apps a thing of the past

Wix AI Image Editor

Wix recently announced the addition of three new image editing tools to their suite of AI-based website building tools. The combination of the new AI image generation and editing tools and the AI Website Builder as part of the overall Wix website building platform provides users with virtually everything they need to easily create professional websites.

Wix users no longer have to jump between different apps or pay for third party apps to create and optimize images, everything can be done in one place with one platform.

Three New AI Image Tools

Wix introduced three new tools for image editing that enables users to essentially ditch third-party image editors because virtually everything they need for creating, optimizing and editing images is now available on the Wix platform.

The new Wix AI image tools are:

  • AI Image Creator
  • Object Eraser
  • AI Image Editor

AI Image Creator

The AI image creator enables Wix users to create images for their websites completely from scratch. There’s no need to subscribe and pay extra to a stock images library, everything a small business needs for generating images now exists within the Wix platform. The tool works in the familiar text-to-image prompt generation mode where a user describes the image and the AI generates it. Users can create images in a variety of styles such as photo, painting, illustration, cartoons and other styles.

AI Object Eraser

This is a neat feature that can erase objects within a photograph. All a user needs to do is to highlight an object and select to remove it. That means that any publisher can easily improve an image that would otherwise not be usable, no extra technical or photo editing skills are necessary.

AI Image Editor

This is a prompt-based tool that that can edit an image to do add things to an image or change just a section of it. All a user has to do is highlight what they want the AI to change and then tell it what they want changed. For example, the AI can change the texture of a wall so that it’s wood or change a t-shirt a person’s wearing so that it’s now a casual button up shirt.

Ido Kosover, Head of Media at Wix, said:

“These AI-powered features underscore our commitment to providing users with powerful tools that simplify the website creation process while ensuring professional-quality results.”

Wix’s new AI image tools provides exceptional value to publishers because it saves them from having to purchase or subscribe to third party tools and services like photo editors and stock photo libraries. Professional images are now available to all Wix users, regardless of their technical experience.

Read more about Wix’s AI image tools:

Wix AI Image Creator

Object Eraser

AI Image Editor

Overview of all of the Wix AI image tools

Featured Image by Shutterstock/Cast Of Thousands

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New Wix AI Image Tools Makes Image Editing Apps Virtually Obsolete

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