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New Ways to Edit and Add Information to Google Maps

For some time Google has in part been relying on the community’s assistance to keep Google Maps information up-to-date and accurate. Today the company has announced new ways that make it even easier to add places to Google Maps or to suggest edits.

Google has also expanded its existing ability to add and/or edit information on Google Maps to everyone worldwide. This applies to all countries where the Google Maps app is available on either iOS or Android.

When adding or editing information, there is now the option to contribute more information about a business beyond just its name, address, and phone number. For example, you can mention if the restaurant has an outdoor patio, what the ambiance is like, and so on.

Google is now not only leaning on the community to contribute information to Google Maps, it’s leaning on the community to contribute suggested additions from others. This ensures it shows up in Google Maps faster, but is also no doubt a great help to the team at Google responsible for reviewing Maps edits.

If you’re looking up a place where someone has suggested new information, you will see a notification on the page that “someone suggested new info.” Tapping on that link will bring up a box where you can verify whether the suggested information is accurate, or you will have the option to say you are not sure. If enough people say the information is accurate, it will go live on the Maps listing.

This feature is available to Android users on the Google Maps app and both Android and iOS users on mobile Google Search.

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New Ways to Edit and Add Information to Google Maps

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