New Moz Study Shows Correlation Between Google +1’s and High Rankings

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New Study Shows Correlation Between Google +1's and High Rankings

Last month I made some classic mistakes when I reported the 10 day panda update and learned how important it is to our community that we always back up our assertions with claims and not forget the difference between causality and correlation. Today, Moz released a study of their own that shows the correlation between high rankings and Google +1’s.

Allow me to take a moment and explain the difference between correlation and causality. Causality is saying that something directly caused something else to happen. Correlation simply means that there is a relationship between two events and that they are both independent of each other.

Let’s get back to the study.

As pictured above, page authority is the number one correlated factor to high search engine rankings. Immediately after that is Google +1’s. The reason this study is so significant is that Searchmetrics also reached a similar conclusion.

What else did this study done by Moz show us? First, Google+ posts are crawled and indexed almost immediately. Second, Google + posts pass ‘Trust Flow’. Third, we need take advantage of long posts that are valuable and unique. (Just like how there’s a strong relationship between longer blog posts, 2000+ words, and high search rankings.)

Hopefully this second study will convince the late adopters of the importance of using Google  +. Make sure you’re using Google Authorship, building relationships with other marketers/people on G+, treating G+ like blog posts, using social share buttons on your blog, marking your posts as public rather than private, and filling out your profile.

What do you think about the new Moz study?

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan is a PPC expert, entrepreneur, blogger, and amiable guy. In his spare time, you can find him updating his own blog.
Adam Morgan
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  • Reg Charie

    I found the same results back in Jan 2011.
    A +1 vote got the page to go up to #1 from around #24.
    After about 8 days it went back to #24.

    Over a period of time it got more +1 votes and rose to about #9.

  • Lachezar Georgiev

    This is no surprise for me. I`ve noticed similar correlation. Google admits they use Social Data from Twitter and Facebook and that they are trying to understand the authority of people that tweet/like/share/comment . They have the same information from G+ all at one place why wouldn`t they use it?

  • Mohnesh Kohli

    I agree with the Moz study and it actually works. I have seen when we get authorship approved and you work well on G+ your ranking and traffic will increase. It is must that your G+ profile must be active.

    Regarding indexing I am sure if you share your blog post on G+ it will indexed immediately

  • Jason

    I just saw my first Google authorship listing on Google. It’s very exciting. Does it really matter if you use rich snippets if you already have Google authorship?

  • Midas

    Interesting findings, I know Matt Cutts has denied any of this but the numbers don’t lie.

    I also think it’s fair to assume Google will give more emphasis and authority to their own social platform!