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New Move by Twitter: Universal Search Results

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New Move by Twitter: Universal Search Results

Finally!  Twitter has finally announced it is launching Universal Search Results. The roll out will happen in waves, which means some users have to wait. But, when we do finally get this feature it will increase the speed and efficiency of networking through twitter. Business profiles will be able to reach  targeted audiences and personal profiles will get more similar people as per their interest.s The changes carry web search for twitter in line with the current mobile experience.

What are the Search Filters? 

Users will get three powerful filters as left tabs: Photo, Result, and People


A search for “Angry Bird”  will get the following results:

Photo: Images related to Angry Bird
People: Who is discussing about Angry Bird.

Note: Only Top tweets will come.

Twitter New look will beNew look will be

Other Twitter Update:

•After clicking on the search box, the dropdown now includes Recent Searches and Saved Searches.  The former is new, the latter wasn’t as visible before.

•As you type a word to search, Twitter is now telling you if there are matching accounts.

So be ready for new these new features and make your online marketing plan  now!


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