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New Look For Google Search With Card-Based Results

Many have been spotting Google testing a new layout for its desktop search results pages by displaying the individual results in the form of cards. The best way to explain it is that Google took it’s design for mobile search results and applied it to desktop search.

Redditors have been posting screenshots of the change, which you can see here and here.

If you look at the second example, you can see where this layout may end up causing a lot of concern for website owners since there’s only one organic result above the fold. In the example, the user searches for “reddit”; what follows is a an organic link to Reddit’s home page, follow by a section of Google News headlines, followed by a gigantic Knowledge Graph card about Reddit as a company.

Of course that is just one example, but Google continuing to push organic results further down the front page is not a good sign. Further, it’s uncertain whether this is one of Google’s many tests, or if the change is here to stay. I have reached out to Google about other recent changes it has been making to search results but have not received a response.

The test also varies by location. In the two examples given above, searches from the US and New Zealand were able to see the new design. Living in Canada I’m not able to see the new design change, which is at least a sign it has not been rolled out globally.

Are you seeing the new design in Google SERPs? If so, please give us your thoughts and let us know where you are located.

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New Look For Google Search With Card-Based Results

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