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New! Local Link Building Tool: Citation Tool Finder

Ontolo guys we have interviewed once at SEJ always bring in some cool news and tools. This time they have partnered with Darren Shaw of Whitespark to launch a great local link building tool: Local Citation Finder

First, about the process which is automated through that tool: here’s a post by Garrett that details the steps taken to find local citations, in a word:

  1. Identify your local competitors (by probably just searching for your main keyword + territory)
  2. Identify local “footprints” (say, local phone numbers as it is demonstrated in the post);
  3. Search Google using each of the footprints;
  4. Identify “co-citation” (unique domains that have listed several of those footprints);
  5. Check the unique results as well (those that only mentioned one of the footprint).

Basically the tool is based on the same process:

Local citation tool

Now the tool is pretty easy to use. Register first and then search it using your main keyword and your territory, e.g.

[edmonton plumbers]

The tool will send you local citation prospects via email.

So what will you find in that email? Lots of useful information actually:

First, it will list the actual local results for your search:

Local citation tool

Secondly, it will identify unique domains mentioning your local competitors (mind that the number in brackets represents co-citation, i.e. how many of local results is listed within each hostname):

Unique domains amd co-citations

Lastly, it will list all the individual URLs found for all the searches (for you to check out and click through):

Local citation tool

Looks like an invaluable time saver and productivity booster! What are your thoughts?

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New! Local Link Building Tool: Citation Tool Finder

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