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New Information Leaked About Google’s Favoriting Service, Called ‘Google Stars’

New Information Leaked About Google’s Favoriting Service, Called ‘Google Stars’

New information has been leaked about a favoriting service Google is working on called Google Stars, which will let users save, share, and organize content found on the web. The leaked information, including screenshots and a video, shows the variety of features that will be included in Google Stars

A hat tip goes out to The Next Web for reporting details that were revealed by Google+ user Florian Kiersch, who recorded a video showing exactly what Google Stars testers have access to at this stage of development.

According to the video, the primary screen is populated with an image-rich grid full of pieces of content you have favorited, along with the option to sort the content by type (images, webpages, and videos), customizable folders and automatically generated filters.

You will also have the option to have folders within folders, and share your folders with other people. It appears that all of your favorites and folders in Google Stars will be private by default, but if you want others to see the content you’re favoriting you will have the option to make specific folders public which will allow you to share them.

The video also shows that Google Search will be an integral feature within Google Stars. Capabilities from auto-complete, to searching entire pages, to suggestions will be built-in. Google Stars will also be able to auto-detect spam and dead pages, and archive it as such. 

Google Stars will be a cloud-based service and has reportedly be confirmed to be coming to Chrome, and will likely expand to other properties, such as mobile apps.

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New Information Leaked About Google’s Favoriting Service, Called ‘Google Stars’

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