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New Google Wave Extensions Debut!

Okay, so my title is fairly misleading. Google Wave HAD extensions… just maybe one or two. When Wave came out I was so excited that I totally exhausted the “poll” option. I sent out ridiculous polls to all my friends such as, “Can you make me blueberry muffins? Yes, No or Maybe?”…. to which I would always get a maybe. I guess nobody wanted to make my day. Anyway, I’m getting completely off track here.

Google Wave now has over 15 extensions present for our pleasure and enjoyment. Things such as “Wave Sudoko” (which I won’t play because Sudoko scares me) as  well as Phone Conference, to start up phone calls with friends or coworkers, and the “Likey Gadget”. If you’re familiar with Facebook then I’ m sure you’ve seen how you can “Like” stuff that people post up on their pages. The only issue with that is there isn’t a “Dislike” option. Trust me, Facebook users run rampant about this almost everyday- I guess Wave implementing the option to both agree and disagree is going to float many a person’s boat.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but waffles don’t have anything to do with setting dates for events. That’s why this one extension in particular strikes me as slightly odd. The new “Waffle” date-picker gadget adds a waffle to your wave and sends out an event notice for people to vote on. WHAT?! Maybe I’m missing the big picture here but I still don’t get what a waffle signifies other than a yummy breakfast food that you can douse with chocolate syrup.

Since I’ve been deemed the resident Google Wave expert, I suggest you go and play with these fun extensions. I only have a few Google Wave buddies to test these things out, and seeing as I ran the polling extension into the ground, I might play Sudoko. If anybody is willing to take the scariness away from Sudoko and explain it to me, perhaps I will start a Wave and play a round with you. I guess it’s not that it actually SCARES me, I just haven’t really looked into how to play it and there’s a lot of numbers in your face! Complete chaos.

You can find updated ones located in your extension wave.


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New Google Wave Extensions Debut!

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