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New Google Groups Beta

New Google Groups Beta

New Google Groups Beta

Google has come out with a new version of Google Groups Beta which is available for testing by Google Account users. Gone are the days of Deja Vu style User Groups only searches as Google Groups has added such interactive social features as page creation, customization, file sharing, and member profiles.

One interesting feature is the ability to build custom web pages inside of a group which adds a dash of social media to the entire group experience.

New Google Groups Beta

Page Creation

Google says that users can create pages for such purposes as:

Using them for information about your group, shared documents, or anything you want to publish online. Any member can view, contribute to, and comment on the pages, from right within your group.

Capturing the content and information that may already be in your discussions, in a way that’s more easily accessible. Have a group for discussing the best restaurants in your area? Why not create a page that lists members’ favorite restaurants?


Google Groups now can also be customized. One can give their own group a distinct look with colors, graphics and layout styles.

File & Personality Sharing

Google Groups now also lets members upload files and share those files with other group members. User profiles have also been enhanced.

Blast From the Past:

I was doing some surfing around Google Groups and came across this post I made on the second day of launching Search Engine Journal (hosted on at the time).

“I’ve just launched a new Search Engine News Blog called The Search Engine Journal.

It’s on its second day and I’m really enjoying setting up the

If you click over to this post, notice to the right of the screen the Google GMail-esque Sponsored Links and Related Pages.. very classy and relevant suggestions from Google Groups.

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New Google Groups Beta

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