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New Google Groups 2 Challenges Yahoo

New Google Groups 2 Challenges Yahoo

A New Beta (via Google Labs): Google Groups 2. You’ve got to hand it to them, they’re always making news. Google has joined Yahoo (and continues to become a portal) with a new “groups” service (beta, of course).

What’s New?

Instead of only offering access to Usenet groups (Alt., Rec. etc.), Google Groups now allows you to create your own e-mail based group. This is a service that Yahoo has offered for a long time.

* Users can create, join, and search email-based mailing lists (registration required). You don’t need to register to search and read group postings.
* Google promises that posts will be added within 10 seconds of posting and be searchable within 10 minutes
* Users can track and mark favorite topics using the “My Groups” feature and view postings in a variety of ways including by message summary, title, or conversation view
* Access Usenet archive remains available
* You can compare Google Groups features to Yahoo Groups offerings here. At the moment, it looks as if Yahoo Groups offers more features.


Gary Price is the Editor of ResourceShelf and a librarian, information research consultant, and writer based in suburban Washington D.C.

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