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Facebook Gives Marketers 3 New Video Metrics

Facebook Gives Marketers 3 New Video Metrics

Facebook continues to push video hard. Now the social network wants to help you understand how those videos are performing and help you continue to grow your audience.

Three new metrics – audience demographics, live video engagement, and views from shares and cross-posting – are coming in Page Insights and Video Library.

These new metrics are a nice improvement to the video metrics Facebook already provides, such as total minutes viewed watching a video and sound-on vs. sound-off.

The new video metrics have already started rolling out and should be available to all publishers within the next couple of weeks.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new.

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1. Audience Demographics

Who are your most engaged viewers? Located in the “Audience and Engagement” section of Video Insights, you can discover information about your audience demographics for any kind of videos posted to Facebook.

You can see minutes viewed by

  • Age.
  • Gender.
  • Geographic location.

2. Live Video Viewer Engagement

What parts of your Facebook Live video caused the most engagement? Now you can find out for the first time.

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Previously, you could only track the peak number of viewers watching your live video and the number of viewers for during each moment of your broadcast.

Now all you have to do is go to the “Audience and Engagement” section to find viewer behavior metrics for:

  • Reactions
  • Comments.
  • Shares.

3. Views From Shares & Crossposting

Facebook says that 48 percent of video watch time happens because people share videos with their friends. Now Facebook is making it possible for you to compare breakdowns of views and minutes viewed from the original post with shared and cross-posted views and minutes viewed.

To find this metric, go to the “Minutes Viewed” and “Views” cards.

Do you think these new video metrics will help your Facebook marketing?

Image Credit: Facebook


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