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New Facebook Ad Targeting Lets You Target Users By Device

Facebook announced an update to their ad targeting options that will let you reach people on specific mobile device models

In order to get high quality installs or engagement within an app, it is very important to reach the right people with the most relevant message. As a result, we are enhancing our mobile targeting for developers.

Facebook’s enhancements to mobile targeting will be rolling out in the next few days. When the new feature becomes available, you will be able to deliver ads to people  using a specific device with a minimum OS version. Previously you could only target iOS or Android, minimum OS version and Wi-Fi only users.

Benefits Of Device Targeting For Marketers

With device specific targeting you will have access to App Insights, which you can use to identify which devices are working best for your app and target those devices.

For example, if you determine that a notable amount of your mobile revenue is coming from an iPhone 5s, you can choose to target ads at people with iPhone 5s specifically.

You will also be able to weed out specific devices that are not compatible with your app.

Tips For Mobile Device Targeting

Included in Facebook’s announcement are some basic tips to using mobile device targeting for mobile app ads:

  • Don’t go too narrow with your audience: Facebook recommends having an estimated audience size of at least 500,000 users for each ad.
  • Customize your ad to resonate with your audience: Facebook recommends using images of the device you’re targeting in your ad.
  • Optimize your bid for each campaign: Create different ads with optimized bids for each device or groups of devices as competition may vary by device.
  • Layer on complimentary targeting features: Use Custom Audiences and lookalikes to reach a large and relevant set of people.

For more information about Facebook’s mobile app ads, see this help document.

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New Facebook Ad Targeting Lets You Target Users By Device

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