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New Customization Features at Google News

New Customization Features at  Google News

New Customization Features at Google News

Logged on this morning and saw that Google News is testing some new features dealing with personalization of how news stories are shown. Such features include the ability to add more news stories per topic, subtract some news topics from the Google News start page, and even set up your own topic monitoring service.

Google News has been quite an innovative aggregator of crawled news sites, but has been a bit behind other services like My Yahoo and Topix which allow for customization. Search Engine Watch has a good rundown in today’s Search Day feature by Chris Sherman.

New Customization, Personalization Features at Google News :

The Google News home page is now customizable, allowing you to add or delete main news categories (such as business, sports and so on), as well as increasing or decreasing the number of headlines within a section. You can also add sections from any of the 22 country-specific versions of Google News to your own page.

Google has also introduced a feature that lets you create your own section on any topic that interests you. Simply define the section using keywords for a topic that interests you, and a new section is added to your version of the Google News home page.

As with the sections on the standard Google News page, clicking on the link to a new section will open up a separate section page with many more links to news stories related to that topic.

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New Customization Features at  Google News

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