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Netscape Search : Digg + Google

Netscape Search : Digg + Google

Netscape Search : Digg + Google

Jason Calacanis has posted the news on his blog that AOL’s Netscape has now launched a new search engine dubbed Netscape Search. Basically a mashup of Netscape’s Digg-Style News posts, Tags, and Google Search Results – completed with a very 2.0 color scheme.

The search results can be controlled to show only news stories submitted to and voted upon by Netscape users, the Google Web Search results, or both (by default). An interesting point of note is that Google AdWords ads seem to be kept to a minimum, giving more emphasis on the click-thru to Netscape stories and the organic search results.

From Jason’s blog:

The results page is very cool with stories voted up by users at the top, followed by Google results. The right hand column has a tag cloud and the most voted up stories on the web. Also, the search results are very high up the page (as everyone knows I have an issue with search results being pushed all the way down the page :-). There is a lot more to come, but I thought I would put this out there early for feedback.

Leave your feedback on Netscape Search in Jason’s Comment Field.

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Netscape Search : Digg + Google

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