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Netscape Browser 7.2 Released by AOL

Netscape Browser 7.2 Released by AOL

Netscape Browser 7.2 Released by AOL

America Online has just released Netscape 7.2. Based on Mozilla 1.7, this latest version features better popup blocking, vCard support, an improved junk mail algorithm, better standards support, performance enhancements and several hundred other bug fixes. It also includes patches for recent security vulnerabilities according to MozillaZine

It is a little over a year since AOL shut down the Netscape browser division, laid off or reassigned the remaining engineers and withdrew from the day to day running of At the time, they said that new versions of Netscape were unlikely. Earlier this year, they changed their minds and announced Netscape 7.2.

More details about Netscape 7.2 are available at Netscape Browser Central, together with download links. The Netscape 7 Release Notes have been updated.

From the horses’ mouth:

Netscape 7.2 is the next generation browser to see, hear and enjoy the Web. Because you are using an earlier version of Netscape, Netscape 6.x or 7.0 or 7.1, you are missing out on some of the latest performance improvements and unique features of Netscape 7.2. We believe there are many compelling reasons why you should upgrade to Netscape 7.2 now.

Netscape 7.2 is the fastest Netscape browser – enhanced to speed you through your most important online tasks.

* Quick Launch – start up in Netscape 7.2 gets you online faster than ever before.
* Click-to-Search – right mouse click on a word in a page and click Search the Web for that word.
* Web Page Save – easy one-step to save pages and all its related graphic files.
* Print Preview – improved print preview and more control over printing.
* Mail alerts – get notified when new mail arrives.
* Mail filters – simple filter feature to eliminate unwanted spam.

Additional features you cannot get from your current browser.

* Tabbed Browsing – view multiple Web sites from a single browser window.
* Get map – address book gives you a direct link to MapQuest to map it.
* AIM – get AOL &reg: Instant Messenger (SM) the #1 instant messenger built into your browser – now with buddy icons, PC to PC file transfer, Buddy Alerts and AIM Today.
* ICQ – if you use ICQ, you’ll find it in this browser too.
* One-button publish – Web page publishing feature in Composer, the HTML editor that comes with your browser.

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Netscape Browser 7.2 Released by AOL

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