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Napster Offers Music Downloads to Cell Phones

Napster Offers Music Downloads to Cell Phones

Napster is invading a cell phone near you with Napster To Go, their portable music subscription service which is available for users of the new AT&T Wireless based Audiovox SMT5600 Smartphone. The Napster To Go / Audiovox SMT5600 compatibility enables the only mobile phone in the U.S. market to allow music fans to seamlessly transfer and play an unlimited number of full-length songs on the go for one low monthly price of $14.95. The Smartphone also supports individual tracks purchased by Napster subscribers or downloaded a la carte from the Napster Light store.

The Napster To Go service could be considered the first true music download search tool to be used with the mobile phone market, which Google and Yahoo have recently targeted with their SMS services. “Napster was the first service to make the promise of the portable subscription model a reality, and today we are taking that innovation to the wireless marketplace,” said Chris Gorog, Napster’s chairman and CEO. “This new phone from Audiovox and AT&T Wireless furthers Napster’s mission to provide music lovers with the ability to conveniently enjoy the most comprehensive digital music experience available.”

The Audiovox SMT5600 comes with 28.5mb of internal flash memory which can hold up to 6 songs. Consumers can purchase miniSD memory chips for additional song storage in either 128mb or 256mb varieties, which can hold approximately two and four hours of songs respectively. MiniSD chips are currently widely available for under $25 each.

In September 2004, Napster previewed the unprecedented, fully portable digital music subscription service, Napster To Go. Expected to officially debut later this year with the release of Napster 3.0, Napster To Go is currently available via a plug-in to the Windows Media Player 10 at an introductory $14.95 per month and lets consumers move an unlimited amount of music from Napster’s massive library to compatible MP3 players and portable devices.

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Napster Offers Music Downloads to Cell Phones

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