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In a sign of the times, has overtaken Yahoo Mail and Google Search as the most visited web site (page) last week. Hitwise, the web traffic and behavior tracking people, say that MySpace attracted 4.46% of all US visits, which pushed Yahoo Mail down to 2nd place and tops all other web portals.

As MySpace continues to rapidly build market share, it is proving to become a steal for Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, which purchased MySpace for $550 Million and is expected to reach the $80 Million advertising revenue mark this year.

And that’s without many changes to the community or major search engine marketing partnerships.

One amazing fact which came about from a ComScore Networks release is that MySpace usage by tweens and high schoolers is declining a bit while the site is becoming more popular among adults.

From TheStreet:

[MySpace] has recently experienced declines in its audience aged 12 to 17, 12 to 24 and 12 to 34, while seeing increases in the 21-to-34, 25-to-34, and 35-to-54 demographics

Granted most of the MySpace generation is probably at the beach, camp, or hookin’ up this summer while the older folks using the service are trapped in their indoor office lives, but the growing age diversity and the aging of the MySpace generation should lead to enhanced revenue by the portal, as News Corp is finding more and more ways to sell extremely targeted display and branded Fortune 500 advertising to their pinpoint targeted demographics.

Phil Carpenter of the MySpace partner Simply Hired job search engine tells The Street “A lot of people have a faulty perception about the MySpace audience, it’s a lot more diverse than what people believe it to be.”

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