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MySpace is now showing ‘Powered by Google’ next to its search box which is featured on the MySpace home page, admin pages, and profile pages.

Google and MySpace struck a landmark deal last August which assured Google search and AdWords would be the MySpace search engine and sponsored ads programs of choice.

Furthermore, the partnership is also expected to bring Google optimized display advertising and contextual ads to MySpace while possibly supplying Google with the means to better serve personalized search and advertisements based upon the information & videos posted on user MySpace profiles.

Note : this story has been Dugg and I posted this comment on Digg, which is worth also mentioning here for our readers;

Sure, Google & MySpace will both be highly benefiting from the search & advertising deal; but the “Powered by Google” Logo is quite reminiscent of when Google powered Yahoo back in 2001, and built their reputation by doing so.

Google’s new MySpace deal may, in fact be rebranding Google as cool to the MySpace generation, which may be securing Google’s marketshare for years to come.

Hattip, Philipp Lenssen

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