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Myspace Partnering with Google to Boost Profits From P2P Transactions?

Myspace Partnering with Google to Boost Profits From P2P Transactions?

In an effort to boost profits, Myspace is considering allowing members post ads on their profiles and conduct transactions with one another.

Besides profiting from Google Adsense which was a $900 million deal, Myspace also generates profits from digital music sales which hit $550 million turning into a $10 million dollar profit according to CNN.

CNN also reported, “News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch said on Aug. 8 he would not be surprised to see a profit of $200 million on sales of $1 billion in the current fiscal year. To achieve that 20-fold increase in earnings, its executives are debating how to take a share of any commerce allowed on the site, the paper said.

MySpace prohibits users from sending commercial messages, advertising products, posting the address of outside web sites, and bans “any commercial endeavors” not endorsed by the company, according to the paper. But it reports that the enforcement is difficult and members have figured out ways around it.”

A partnership with Google may be in the works to regulate and monetize from peer-to-peer transactions which Myspace says, “have to be fun, safe, and secure.”

The social media giant is also in talks with eBay regarding this interaction between users, but nothing is yet certain.

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