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Myspace Messenger Open For Beta Testing

Myspace Messenger Open For Beta Testing

Myspace Messenger Open For Beta Testing

There had been some rumors on Myspace planning on launching their messenger IM service sometime soon, especially with them heavily targeting Yahoo staff like Yahoo’s Manager of email and IM, Brad Garlinghouse. The reasoning for Myspace Messenger is quitesimple, while Myspace is the premier destination for young active blogging music loving teenagers, those users are doing their messaging and emailing (if they still practice such outdated web communnications tools like email) elsewhere.

Pete Cashmore backs this point up on Mashable when discussing reasons why Fox Interactive should acquire Goowy :

… when MySpace users aren’t on MySpace, they’re checking their email or chatting on IM. If Fox Interactive can own that time too, they’ll have 100% attention from the youth demographic. Hence, getting into the IM and email space would make perfect sense.

So, if you use Myspace and want to get even more connected to your friends or groups, sign up to beta test the Myspace Messenger IM:

MySpace is launching a totally new IM service!

Here’s what you get:
* MySpace Messenger account with your own MySpace UserName!
* IM your MySpace friends anytime!
* One-click login to your mail, blogs, and more!
* Get instant notification for add requests, messages, and comments!
* Find and view your friends’ profiles with one click!
* It’s FREE! And more features coming soon!

In time, I think its quite safe to expect VOIP and mobile communications integration into the Myspace Messenger system, which is what will become the major FOX Interactive backbone for decades to come.

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Myspace Messenger Open For Beta Testing

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