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MyDoom Email Worm/Virus Spreading : VIRUS ALERT

New worm Mydoom.A.worm has already reached red alert status according to the virus labs of Panda Software. There have already been many incidences with thousands of users in numerous countries. The ability of MyDoom.A to spread rapidly, as well as the damage it is leaving behind, makes Mydoom.A.worm as serious as last summers Bugbear and Blaster.
* Repair and detection is also available via .
* Thousands of users are affected by fast spreading worm using the social engineering techniques.
* New worm installs a file that opens the TCP port 3127 allowing the computer external control.
* It also uses KaZaa to spread, copying itself in the user shared folder.

Mydoom.A forwards itself to all the addresses found in the affected computers. As other countries begin the usual workday increasing computer activity it is expected that this virus will grow and create more issues.

Mydoom.A comes via an e-mail message with an attached file. Like the other recent virus epidemics, social engineering techniques cheat the user making the think they are supposed to open the file. The virus not only infects the computer that received the e-mail but then mails itself to all the contacts found in addresses book.

In addition, it opens the TCP port 3127 in the infected computer, allowing remote control of the computer. It means any malicious hacker may get access and steal, modify or destroy any kind of Information stored in the computer.

As additional Information, this virus is ready to launch a Denial of Service attack against the web site next February, 1st this year.

Mydoom.A.worm search e-mail addresses in the computer files with the extensions: .htm, .sht, .php, .asp, .dbx, .tbb, .adb, .pl, .wab, .txt. It uses its own SMTP engine to send itself by e-mail.

Mail Transaction Failed. Partial message is available.
The message contains Unicode characters and has been sent as a
binary attachment.
The message cannot be represented in 7-bit ASCII encoding and has
been sent as a binary attachment.

Attached file name:

File extension:

Once the virus has infected the computer, it then searches for the peer-to-peer file sharing Network KaZaa. If KaZaa is detected a file is copied to the shared folder allowing its distribution via this peer to peer system. The filename may be one of the following ones:


and PIF, .SCR o .BAT extension.

Panda Software offers updates to all its customers to detect and eliminate Mydoom.A.worm. Users who have not enabled automatic updates can upgrade the antivirus in

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MyDoom Email Worm/Virus Spreading : VIRUS ALERT

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