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MyBlogLog Hiring Community Manager & Engineers

MyBlogLog has been expanding rapidly in terms of use and popularity ever since Yahoo acquired it in January and is now looking for someone to fill quite an interesting position of MyBlogLog Community Manager.

We’re hiring our first community manager to become a core member of team and a key public face of the service. This person will own customer service, fixing problems where possible and routing more complicated issues to the development team.

Based on customer emails, the community manager will develop a comprehensive faq, oversee a community-based help system (either a wiki or a bulletin board, you will help us decide) and advise the team on ways to improve MyBlogLog. Lastly, the community manager be an active and vocal participant in the world inside and outside of, spurring conversations, mediating disputes and just generally building kharma by making the world a better place.

What are the qualifications for building such positive kharma and aligning the blogging universe?

  1. It would be best if you are already in the Bay Area because we want to get this party started.
  2. Previous community management isn’t a requirement, but it would damn well move you to the top of the queue.
  3. You just need to be passionate about connecting people and have a strong grasp of the English language.

In addition to the Community Manager role, MyBlogLog is also looking for a LAMP Engineer.

Jeremy Zawodny posts :

We’re currently on the hunt for a good general purpose LAMP engineer: someone who knows their Apache, PHP, Perl, MySQL, and related stuff.

This job is ideal for someone who lives in San Francisco, Berkeley, or Oakland and wants to work on a small team that’s continuing to build a service that’s growing very quickly and has very passionate users. We have lot of new hardware to play with, a great office, and tons of ideas about where to take the service.

MyBlogLog is on fire right now and I’m excited to see exactly who will become their talking head and which new tools they launch this Spring & Summer.

For more information on MyBlogLog see Why Yahoo Needs MyBlogLog, and Vice Versa

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MyBlogLog Hiring Community Manager & Engineers

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