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‘My Search History’ a Potential Boon for Google

‘My Search History’ a Potential Boon for Google

‘My Search History’ a Potential Boon for Google

Google’s early attempt at search personalization was a real dog. With “My Search History” the company is much closer to getting it right.

It’s integrated into the Google search interface and results page (once you’ve registered/signed in) and it indicates your search history, not to be confused with the history of Web sites you’ve viewed and visited. So it works in tandem with but is distinct from Google’s desktop search.

It’s accessed from a link “My Search History” in the upper right of the results page. I’m not sure I agree with Chris Sherman that it entirely replaces bookmarks—at least not those embedded in toolbars and browser toolbars—but it appears to be pretty useful.

It’s most like A9’s search history functionality and, to the extent it’s categorized as “personalization,” unlike MyYahoo! Search or Ask’s new and improved My Jeeves services. Both of those require set-up and active management of features by the user.

Admittedly the Yahoo! and Jeeves applications are more robust, but they’re also more complex and therefore less likely to be widely adopted. My belief is that—at least for the mainstream—the future of personalization lies in some combination of passively saved search history, desktop search and My Yahoo!.

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‘My Search History’ a Potential Boon for Google

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