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MSN Social & Windows Live Answers

MSN Social & Windows Live Answers

Microsoft’s foray into social search received a large amount of press this week after a Business Week article entitled “Microsoft Gets Social” where MSN Senior Product Manager discussed the future of MSN Search and Social Media along with the possibility of MSN acquiring Eurekster.

But it’s time to give credit where credit is due and for all things Live Windows oriented, one may first want to check the LiveSide blog’s March 12th entry; More Questions and Answers: Windows Live Answers, for the original scoop on Windows Live Answers:

[MSN] Spaces users may have noticed a couple of new modules that appeared briefly, only to disappear (for now), “Questions Asked”, and “Questions Answered”. (They have disappeared as well from the Australian version of Spaces, which is currently rolling out an expansion into social networking.)

These are part of a not yet officially announced Windows Live service called “Windows Live Answers”.

This new community site, with it’s Spaces tie-in, will allow Windows Live users to pose questions (unanswered via search), have them answered by other users, be able to rate answers by others, and be rewarded for answering questions and having the best answer, as rated by other users.

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MSN Social & Windows Live Answers

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