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MSN Shopping Indexes eBay Items

MSN Shopping Indexes eBay Items

The MSN Shopping Insider blog is reporting that MSN Shopping is now indexing eBay inventory for shoppers looking to compare products and online stores when doing their net shopping. The eBay inventory on MSN Shopping ranges from fixed price eBay store items to time sensitive bids for eBay auction items.

From Shailesh Prakash, Lead Program Manager of MSN Shopping at MSN Shopping Insider:

Inventory on eBay is constantly changing and in order to bring our consumers the freshest catalog of choices possible, we parse, load, classify and match the tens of millions of eBay items on a daily basis. We have invested in building out our software platform to handle such high churn workloads and have expanded our server infrastructure to efficiently and quickly ingest the inventory available on eBay, along with the catalogs of our existing merchants and aggregators. All told, we sift through hundreds of millions of items every day.

Our users will notice that the site has also been enhanced to accommodate features unique to eBay items. We expose the ability to refine using the ‘auction sort’ on the prices page and show the average selling price on the results and prices page. We also show the number of auctions available for that particular item (see screenshot below).

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MSN Shopping Indexes eBay Items

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