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MSN Search Development Team SEOChat Q&A Service

MSN Search Development Team SEOChat Q&A Service

Beyond Google and Yahoo, MSN Search is the third most popular search engine and is even destined to grow with a new search technology and users from Internet Explorer searching on MSN Search by browser default. Randfish at SEO Chat has set up a priceless questions and answer session with the MSN Search Development Team. I met some of the team at Search Engine Strategies last fall and they were quite open and insightful, expect the same from this SEOChat session.

Rand writes “Recently, I spoke again with my contact and we discussed getting questions directly from the webmaster community to submit to the search team for answers. To that end, I’m taking questions in this thread which the MSN search team will answer over the next 2-3 weeks (as their schedules permit). So – Go for it. Ask your tough questions! You may get a great response directly from the horse’s mouth.”

It’s quite a nice gesture of MSN Search to be participating in forums and giving feedback to user questions. You don’t see much inclusivity by the search teams, but there are some exceptions. GoogleGuy is a regular contributor to forums and blogs and represents Google Search and Adwords on occasion. A couple of months ago, Jim Lanzone of Ask Jeeves took part of a “Live” Q&A session on Cre8asiteForums.

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MSN Search Development Team SEOChat Q&A Service

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