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MSN Search Beta Not Ranking MSN Search Blog

MSN Search Beta Not Ranking MSN Search Blog

MSN Search Beta Not Ranking MSN Search Blog

Ok, I lied in the title of the thread (original title was “penalizing MSN Search Blog”), but it did get you to click over from your RSS feed aggregator, didn’t it? 😉 But there is some truth to this title, MSN Search Beta does not currently rank MSN’s new search blog on the first page of the results. Try it yourself, MSN Search Blog Query at MSN Search Beta and if they fixed it by now, see my screen capture.

Of course, good search engines like Google and Yahoo show the proper result in the number one slot. For some reason Ask Jeeves does not list the blog on the first page either, but Ask is slower at updating then the others. I do see that Ask Jeeves has some of the blog’s pages indexed.

Interesting find and the thread discussing this can be found at Search Engine Watch under the title of MSN Search Beta stiffs MSN Search Blog.

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