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MSN Messenger 7 Beta Includes Search

MSN Messenger 7 Beta Includes Search

Microsoft is planning to limited beta release the latest version of Instant Messaging client MSN Messenger as early as next week. The screenshots of one of the early leaked release were available on tech sites earlier this week but were later removed on Microsoft’s request. The planned release date of the final version is expected to be in the early 2005.

Some of the major enhancements in this version are mainly integration of some of the features from threedegree program like additions of features like Winks, Nudges, downloadable packs, and activities. Users will now also be able to specify their status before logging in (mainly useful for logging in invisibly). Many of these features are already available in its primary competitor Yahoo! Messenger.

Messenger users will also notice integration with MSN Services like the search engine and even blogging. Borrowing some features from Yahoo! Messenger, Users will now be able to access MSN Search engine directly from the Client window as well as conversations. In addition, true integration with MSN Explorer would mean that users would be able to store and manage a lot of information about their contact lists and friends. Overall, it looks like a hot release in the pipeline.

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MSN Messenger 7 Beta Includes Search

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