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MSN ContentAds : Scoop by JenSense

MSN ContentAds : Scoop by JenSense

Jen Slegg will be speaking about contextual advertising at Microsoft’s Mix06 conference in Las Vegas. She also has the scoop on the new MSN Contextual Advertising ANSWER TO GOOGLE ADSENSE AND YAHOO PUBLISHER NETWORK, ContentAds after reading a session description from Mix06.

MSN ContentAds is their contextual advertising program name and a launch date will be sometime in 2006.

Introducing adCenter – Microsoft’s Next Generation Advertising Platform Speaker(s): David Jakubowski, Jed Nahum Session Type(s): Breakout adCenter is the next generation of online advertising that will allow you to conveniently plan, execute, and adjust your online advertising programs. Get the insider view of our current search advertising pilot in the U.S., our plans for ContentAds in 2006 and a preview of the innovations we’re testing at the Microsoft adLabs.

While it is extremely likely ContentAds will only be in beta for a soft launch in 2006, similar to AdCenter starting off with a small beta, the fact that MSN is planning their program to launch relatively soon in the contextual advertising timeline is very good news to hear. With YPN taking over two years to launch after the introduction of Google AdSense, it wouldn’t have been surprising to see MSN not offer their own contextual program until 2007 or 2008.

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MSN ContentAds : Scoop by JenSense

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