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Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 Email Client Launched

Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 Email Client Launched

Dumped IE for the Firefox Browser? Why not trash Outlook and download Mozilla Thunderbird for the full Mozilla online experience. Moziilla Thunderbird, the second major offering from the Mozilla Foundation was released today in a 1.0 ready for distribution version. The Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving choice and promoting innovation on the Internet.

Thunderbird focuses on new features and settings to help stop spam and prevent viruses, the two biggest problems facing email users today. Mozilla Thunderbird follows last month’s highly successful release of Mozilla Firefox 1.0 that has been downloaded by over nine million users. Mozilla Thunderbird is not expected to make as much news as the Firefox browser, considering there are already many good mail clients available in the market. However, it is a legitimate alternative to Microsoft Outlook and is under active development and is taking an extra approach to email safety.

Today’s announcement marks the immediate availability of Thunderbird 1.0 for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux-as a free download from and by CD from the Mozilla Store. Thunderbird is now available in English, German, Greek, and Turkish with more languages on the way. Thunderbird has put special emphasis on controlling Spam mails and preventing computer viruses. In addition, it also supports RSS Aggregation. “We think people will benefit from our adaptive junk mail filters in addition to new features like saved search folders and RSS integration,” said Scott MacGregor, lead engineer for Thunderbird. “We view Thunderbird as a big step towards providing people with a better email experience.”

The latest version also incorporates Saved Search Folder, which makes custom searches easy. The feature is similar to GMail Labels and Opera M2 Filters.

“Thunderbird 1.0 marks another successful product milestone for the Mozilla Foundation, made possible by hundreds of community volunteers and developers around the world,” commented Mitchell Baker, president of the Mozilla Foundation. “Thunderbird is the perfect companion to Firefox and demonstrates another success of the open source development model.”

In addition, the Mozilla Thunderbird mail client also supports importing mails from a variety of sources thus making it moving to it easier. Mozilla Foundation says it forms a perfect companion to Firefox browser.

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Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 Email Client Launched

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