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Mozilla Rewards Bug Bounty Hunter

Mozilla Rewards Bug Bounty Hunter

The Mozilla Foundation, in an effort to bring a safer and more secure Internet experience to web users awarded “bug bounties,” a cash prize for users who identify previously unknown security bugs in the open source software. Michael Krax, from Germany, received five bug bounties for a total of $2,500. The bugs identified by Krax related to chrome privileges.

“We developed the bug bounty program to encourage and award community members who identify unknown bugs in the software,” said Chris Hofmann, director of engineering for the Mozilla Foundation. “This program is one of the many ways the Mozilla Foundation produces safe and secure software for its users.” The Bug Bounty program was founded in 2004 with funding from Linspire and Mark Shuttleworth. Since its inception the Mozilla Foundation has awarded bug bounties to five participants.

Mozilla is the developer of Firefox, the web browser which has been highly adapted and is challenging Microsoft IE in the browser market. Firefox, Mozilla’s flagship product, is the most popular Mozilla browser and is not only just compact and fast; it is also updated very frequently to take care of any newly discovered bugs. Features can be added with extensions that provided excellent functionality to the browser.

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Mozilla Rewards Bug Bounty Hunter

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