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Mozilla Firefox on Google Homepage

Mozilla Firefox on Google Homepage

Mozilla Firefox on Google Homepage

According to TopRank, Google is promoting the spreading of Firefox to its users on the Google Homepage. Apparently if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer and visit Google, you may be served a message which states Firefox with Google Toolbar: tabbed browsing, safer surfing”.

Firefox confirms the siting on the site : “Thanks to the marketing team at Google, Firefox is the first third party product to be featured on Google’s homepage. For now, only IE users in the US will see the promo.”

Nice browser specific targeting there Google.

TwisterMC of TopRank (I think his real name may be Thomas) also supplies this screen capture of the Firefox promotion on Google:

Mozilla Firefox on Google Homepage

So, Firefox is now the first third party to be promoted on’s homepage and along with an accompanying graphic toolbar image. Looks like Google and Mozilla are forging a stronger relationship by the day – perhaps in anticipation to the full service launch of Live Windows?

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