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Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser Market Share (2023)

Learn more about Firefox's current global market share as well as the popular browsers worldwide this year.

Mozilla Firefox, once a dominant player in the Internet browser market with a 30% market share, has witnessed a significant decline in its market share.

According to Statcounter, Firefox’s global market share has plummeted from 30% in 2009 to a current standing of 2.8%.

Firefox market shareScreenshot from Statcounter, July 2023

The statistics provided are derived from combined data collected by Statcounter from a vast network of over 1.5 million websites, amounting to a sample size of over 5 billion monthly pageviews.

The Most Popular Browsers Worldwide

Browser Name Market Share
Chrome 62.55%
Safari 20.5%
Edge 5.28%
Opera 3.22%
Firefox 2.8%
Samsung Internet 2.38%
UC Browser 1.02%

Note that browser market share may vary based on region.

Browser Market Share In The United States

Browser Name Market Share
Chrome 47.25%
Safari 32.53%
Edge 9.21%
Opera 5.24%
Firefox 3.53%
Samsung Internet 1.01%
Android 0.53%

You can see that in the US, Safari’s usage is higher by almost 60% than the worldwide average.

This is primarily attributed to the widespread popularity of MacBooks and iPhones in the country, as these devices tend to favor Safari as the default browser.

Browser Market Share In China

Browser Name Market Share
Chrome 50.93%
UC Browser 11.95%
Safari 11.59%
QQ Browser 6.72%
360 Safe 6.38%
Edge 6.35%
Firefox 1.21%

In China, the second most popular browser is the UC browser – a product of UCWeb, a subsidiary of the Chinese multinational technology company Alibaba Group.

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Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser Market Share (2023)

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