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Mozilla Firefox Gobbles More of the Browser Market from Microsoft

Mozilla Firefox Gobbles More of the Browser Market from Microsoft

Lookout Microsoft, because Mozilla broswers have just taken away 3 percent more of your browser market share. A recent study shows that Mozilla browsers including their “unofficially” easily marketable and media darling Firefox browser now has a 6 percent share of the browser market – up almost 3 percent from June numbers. The study shows that Microsoft browser usuage is heading towards a steady. but slow, decline since IE browsers were 95.5 percent of users in June, 93.7 percent in September, and 92.9 percent in October.

Furthermore, Mozilla browsers are seeing a steady incline to 6 percent of users in October, increasing from 5.2 percent in September and 3.5 percent in June. That 6 percent was split evenly between the Mozilla and Firefox browsers. Sure 6% of the market is not a huge number, but one of the major factors of the switch from IE to Mozilla based browsers seems to be security. Destructive adware and spyware companies are not targeting Mozilla browsers as they are Microsoft and unlike 3 months ago, the average US user is hearing more and more of Firefox.

Firefox is becoming a household name. And why shouldn’t it? Especially with over 5 million downloads in the past two months after having original goals of reaching 1 million during that timespan. “Firefox is increasingly becoming the browser of choice for people fed up with spyware and other internet annoyances,” David McGuinness, a Friefox developer told ZDNet. McGuinness also stated that Mozilla developers expect even more interest in the browser once the final version of 1.0 comes out in November. Stay tuned!

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Mozilla Firefox Gobbles More of the Browser Market from Microsoft

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