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Mozilla Firefox Bon Echo Available

Mozilla Firefox Bon Echo Available

The first alpha release of the much-awaited Mozilla Firefox 2.0 web browser is available online. Mozilla Foundation has nicknamed this release as Firefox Bon Echo and brings about UI changes in bookmark, tab, and extensions.

In simpler words, users on this test release would most likely find all their extensions dead for lack of support in this alpha release. Mozilla plans to test a new feature addition called Places in this alpha release, which is pretty far away from the final edition of Mozilla Firefox 2.0.

The open source foundation has already cleared that the user interface of this new version is far from final and would see many tweaks. The developers are also working on adding an undo closed tab facility, which has been available in Opera web browser for so long.

Mozilla Foundation is also working on a centralized system for blocking malicious or uncooperative extensions, which is fortunately present in this release. In other news, Mozilla has released the 0.1 version of their Mozilla Lightning project, which is the calendar add-on for Thunderbird.

Download: Mozilla Firefox Bon Echo edition.

Sushubh Mittal is a behind the scenes guy at SEJ and Editor of TechWhack Business & Technology Blogs.

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Mozilla Firefox Bon Echo Available

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