Most A-List Blogs Run Advertising

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Steven Hodson has written a roundup of the top tech blogs within the Technorati Top 100 and whether or not the blogs run advertising. Steven’s title, The A-List dirty little secret, is a bit misleading but his overview brings up a simple point.

Advertising on blogs works!

Blogs, especially those with niche business readers, enjoy loyal audience bases which can be pinpoint targeted to via purchasing advertising. And bloggers deserve such revenue for the hard work that we do in securing our piece of the pie, readership and creating or regurgitating the daily news within our respected industries.

Currently, I am a fulltime blogger. Sure, I have other forms of income coming in, but my fulltime job is the management, marketing, building, editing and blogging on Search Engine Journal.

Sure, I may pick up an SEO contract or two, create new sites, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a handful of projects in the planning stage, but Search Engine Journal is my bread & butter.

If it were not for the paths opened in the industry by professional bloggers, blog advertising would not be where it is today. Darren Rowse, Jeremy Wright, Rick Bruner, John Battelle, Michael Arrington, Google AdSense, Om Malik and Henry Copeland, in my opinion, all deserve our heartfelt gratitude for what they have done for the industry.

Please read Steven’s post, The A-List dirty little secret, and lend him your thoughts.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Steven Hodson

    Thanks for the good words I appreciate it. It was getting pretty rough out there after posting it 🙂

  • Richard Curry

    It was good to read this, when I started adding ads to my blogs, I felt somehow I had sold out. Now I know either I’m part of the crowd or we’ve all sold out 😉

  • Ahmed Bilal

    we’ve all sold out 🙂

  • Andy Beard

    Lots of advertising works on blogs, it is a shame that a lot of it one major advertiser wants to neutralise because it affects their core service.

  • Maki @DoshDosh

    Not really an lurid expose on the A List and I think most people already know that the A Listers make money from their websites/businesses…

    But I thought it was a good article that emphasizes how the old-boy network that most A listers move within can affect their opinions as well as other bloggers outside of it.

  • Jaan Kanellis

    My feelings are:

    Ads = OK
    PayPerPost = Not OK

  • Wayne Smallman

    The argument of whether to monetize a ‘blog or not seems to be that eternally contentious grey area for some ‘bloggers.

    My goal as a ‘blogger is two-fold: 1. write quality content, 2. make money from writing aforementioned quality content.

    Whether my content is deemed qualitative or not is for my readership to decide, not me.

    My desire to make money from my writing skills is there for all to see and I’m unabashed in doing so.

    So there .. nah! 😉