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More on Yahoo Search Ads & PayPal Icons

More on Yahoo Search Ads & PayPal Icons

More on Yahoo Search Ads & PayPal Icons

Today it was spotted that Yahoo Search Marketing is testing Google Checkout style PayPal Shopping Cart icons on some of the advertisements in Yahoo Search results. The sighting generated some buzz in the search marketing world as the icons do not only show that the Yahoo eBay partnership is beginning to take shape within properties, but also is a sign of the commencement of new changes within Yahoo Search Marketing – which is changing over to its ‘Panama’ platform at the end of this year.

Yahoo has confirmed the testing of the PayPal icons in Yahoo Search Marketing and that the blue shopping cart is not the only icon which they are testing.

A Yahoo spokesperson told Search Engine Journal “Yahoo! is always testing ways to enhance the products and services it offers to users and advertisers. We are currently evaluating how users respond to icons in our sponsored search listings to determine whether such icons improve the user experience and help them identify merchant capabilities that are important to them.

Yahoo added that “As part of this evaluation, we are testing various PayPal icons in some of our sponsored search results. These icons are designed to help buyers identify where they can use PayPal to make purchases.

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