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Mobile Web & Search from Google and Opera

Mobile Web & Search from Google and Opera

Google happens to be the world’s most popular search engine and the dominating player in the search engine market. And Opera Software ASA develops the Opera Web Browser, which despite its lack of market share in the desktop segment rules the mobile browser market. The two companies are already collaborating on their efforts on the desktop version of the Opera Browser where Google pays Opera an amount for every search made on its search engine from the browser; they are now also joining hands for the market targeted by the mobile version of the Opera Web Browser.

Google would now be supplying the default searching capabilities in the Opera Mobile Browser versions. Opera develops two versions for this segment, one is the fully featured version for the more advanced and capable phones while another version is targeted at lower end phones capable of WAP and Java functionality. Google would now be the default search engine on both these browser versions from the company.

Opera Software’s Opera Mini browser is already available in its beta version for limited testing and is due for a worldwide launch sometime next month. The company said in a statement related to this partnership with the search engine giant Google: “It’s of great importance to have a search partner on board before the announcement. We’ve been exploring different ways to make the product user-friendly. If you press the 9 (button), it takes you right to Google for searching.”

The company plans to give away the Opera Mini browser edition for free but this partnership with Google opens up ways to earn revenues from this free version. Opera Software ASA also said that they are comfortable extending relationship with Google considering both the companies have worked together in the past. Interestingly, some rumors in the media earlier this month claimed that Google was planning to acquire Opera but they were found to be untrue.

Sushubh Mittal is the Tech Columnist at Search Engine Journal and also the publisher of TechWhack, the technology blog

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Mobile Web & Search from Google and Opera

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