Mobile Search Battle

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Mobile Search Battle

Mobile search is as big as it has ever been. Nearly 83% of American Adults have cell phones, with 20% of those being smart devices, one can see marketers urgency to grab their piece of the pie. Towards the end of the second quarter of 2010,  a turf war has started to develop between everyone’s favorite tech giants Apple and Google.

There have been reports Apple has their own search engine in the making, and more recently, they’ve announced their new ad platform iAd. Steve Jobs announced that the new operating system from Apple will include advertising capabilities (iAd) allowing the developers of the programs available in the App store to have ads in their software. PPC meet Mr. App, have you guys met before?

This sets a scary precedent. I can’t wait until the day when I open Yelp and get hit with a  restaurant ad from the highest bidder.

Furthermore, why wouldn’t Apple try to conquer on the one thing Google doesn’t completely dominate? (Mobile Search) iPhones make up nearly 65% of the market in mobile web browsing, almost 8 times the more than the closest competitor; Google’s Android.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Apple probably isn’t overjoyed with the fact that Google is even competing with them in the mobile sector, let alone that Google search is the preferred search of iPhone users. Gene Munster, top Apple analyst of Piper Jaffray recently stated, “We believe Apple could utilize data unavailable to Google, generated by the company’s App Store, to create a mobile centric search engine, which could be a unique offering to Google’s search engine.”

As everyone knows, mobile search is generally has some sort of local or geographic intention, is Apple taking this into consideration? From my perspective I think Apple needs to act now to have any chance at competing with Google in the local search arena.

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