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Mobile Local Search : New Findings & Data is putting out two reports on cell phone usage and attitudes in the US. Here’s the press release. I’ve written up the top-level findings at SEL. I focus more here on the local aspects/implications of the data.

Only 17% of US mobile users currently subscribe to wireless Internet access (in contrast to SMS). Here is the content area breakdown (by % of users):

  • E-mail: 44%
  • Ring Tone Downloads: 35%
  • Weather: 34%
  • News: 29%
  • Sports: 25%
  • Local Search (i.e. YP): 24%
  • Game Downloads: 21%
  • Travel Information: 19%
  • Wallpaper Downloads: 16%
  • Directory Assistance: 15%
  • Financial Information: 10%
  • Pay Bills: 10%
  • Shopping: 6%

The bold text indicates my emphasis on local (or potentially local) content. I argue shopping is local because most users look up product information and pricing online but shop offline/locally. Travel (except for airline information) is local because it’s tied in with a physical place and triggers related local searches (restaurants, events, etc.). Sports may or may not be local but offer contextually related local ad opportunities.

And GPS or cell-tower triangulation offer the possibility of precisely locating the user, which opens a range of marketing opportunities vs. the Internet.

eMarketer has forecast that worldwide mobile marketing revenues will rise from an estimated $1.5 billion in 2006 to $13.9 billion in 2011.

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Mobile Local Search : New Findings & Data

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