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Mixed Drinks Search : Esquire’s Drinking Database

Mixed Drinks Search : Esquire’s Drinking Database

Esquire Magazine has a nice search engine of mixed drinks they’re offering called the Drinking Database. I found a link to it this morning on Gary Price’s ResourceShelf blog, where he says that drinks can be found via spirit, mixer, type of glass, or scenario. The scenario function sounds quite intriguing, so I figured I’d give it a looksee myself.

When it comes to mixed drinks, I usually prefer Vodka or Tequila as my favorite bases over Gin or Whiskey (or Whisky as Garrett French would spell it). Whisky is a drink which goes down well in a smokey bar at 3 am, listening to the entire Rolling Stones Stickey Fingers album on the juke box and eating pickled onions out of a jar.

Mixed Drinks are usually ordered in crowds or with members of the opposite gender. That being said, here are some that I found on Esquire.

So a quick search for Vodka and Seduction results in a Moscow Mule, one of my early evening favorites, essentially a Vodka and Ginger Ale, although Esquire suggests Ginger Beer over Canada Dry. When searching for Rum based drinks, the Rum Sidecar caught my eye as a nice summer sunset date beverage : 2oz golden rum, 2/3 oz (4 teaspoons) Cointreau, and 2/3 oz (4 teaspoons) lemon juice.

After doing some more searching, the Chalino Special does sound like a nice drink for those with a sweet tooth : 3 oz white tequila, 1/2 tbsp crème de cassis, 1/2 oz lemon juice, 1/2 oz lime juice, 1/2 tbsp simple (sugar) syrup, or a scant tsp bar sugar.

For more drink recipes via Equire Magazine, check out their Drinking Database. (Note: The page is framed and not very Firefox friendly)

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Mixed Drinks Search : Esquire’s Drinking Database

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