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MIVA To Provide Contextual Advertising for Conde Nast UK

MIVA Media has signed an exclusive Pay-Per-Click content deal in the U.K. with Condé Nast Interactive. According to MIVA, Conde NAst chose their service over Yahoo Search Marketing & Google.

MIVA will deliver content driven Pay-Per-Click Ads across all 12 sites in the Condé Nast Interactive U.K. portfolio including,,,,,,,,, and the newly launched,

The total impressions of these 12 sites exceeds 54 million per month.

Six Pay-Per-Click Ads will be displayed across every page of the 12 sites through ad units at the bottom of the page. The ads will include advertisers’ logos and the ads will be designed by MIVA to mirror the design style of the individual Condé Nast properties.

“Our core objective is to continue to build and maintain equity for our individual online titles,” commented Serena Privett, Commercial Director, Condé Nast Interactive, “and revenue was just one of the factors that influenced our decision in which Pay-Per-Click partner to appoint. We felt that MIVA with its expertise in delivering content driven Pay-Per-Click Ads was the partner best placed to deliver substantial revenue for us, but most importantly, ensure that only totally relevant ads are displayed on our sites.”

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MIVA To Provide Contextual Advertising for Conde Nast UK

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