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Microsoft’s Windows Live QnA : Answer to Yahoo & Google

Microsoft’s Windows Live QnA : Answer to Yahoo & Google

Microsoft is getting ready to launch their own social web question and answer service shortly. Windows Live QnA will be Microsoft’s answer (no pun intended) to Google Answes and Yahoo Answers and is one step of many in the direction of fortifying their search offerings under the Steve Berkowitz era.

Windows Live (MSN) competitor Yahoo Answers has taken off to be the flagship offering from Yahoo Social Media as picking the brains of real people who one can connect within the Yahoo Registered Users network.

The connection quality gives Yahoo Answers a feel similar to chat, instant messaging and even MySpace or Orkut. It will be seen if MSN can produce a similar community and integrated their QnA service into their social successes like MSN Spaces (Live).

From (MSN) Windows Live :

“Windows Live QnA Beta lets you ask any question and get the 411 from people who have the answers you’re looking for. Everybody’s an expert on something–including you–so tap into that collective brain power and contribute your own.”

If you’re interested in lending your knowledge filled noggin to the Windows Live QnA project, sign up to be on their beta test list.

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Microsoft’s Windows Live QnA : Answer to Yahoo & Google

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