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Microsoft’s Gatineau Web Analytics Now in Beta Testing for adCenter Advertisers

With all of the announcements of adCenter upgrades, enhancements to their search engine, local maps search changes, buying equity in a major social network and new webmaster services being launched by Microsoft, the company is beginning to look more and more like Google; it what is a major push by Microsoft to establish as solid ground in all aspects of search.

To add to the push, Microsoft’s answer to Google Analytics; Project Gatineau Web Analytics, has started its public beta testing today. As a present to its adCenter advertisers, Microsoft is sending invitations out to its adCenter customers, in a move which gives adCenter advertisers a first look at Project Gatineau

If you’re an adCenter advertiser and would like to request an invitation, just click here to do so.

More from the Microsoft adCenter Team:

Project Gatineau’s web analytics are useful to sites of all sizes – from smaller sites that can’t afford an expensive web analytics solution to larger sites looking for a boost in their web analytics capabilities.

With the Gatineau beta, you can learn more about where your visitors come from and easily measure your marketing campaigns across any medium and from any traffic source.

Features include:

* Click and visitor tracking reports
* Marketing campaign reporting and conversion tracking
* Unique demographic and geographic information from your site visitors

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Microsoft’s Gatineau Web Analytics Now in Beta Testing for adCenter Advertisers

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