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Microsoft’s AdSense-Like PubCenter Goes into Public Beta

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Microsoft’s AdSense-Like PubCenter Goes into Public Beta

Microsoft is finally making its PubCenter ad publishing tool available to the public after some months of being under close private beta mode. Public beta meaning U.S. public only.

Just like other contextual advertising program, Microsoft PubCenter will be offering websites an opportunity to display ads coming from Microsoft’s online advertising networks.

Specifically, Microsoft PubCenter will allows publishers to :

  • Display targeted ads on their web sites
  • Customize adds based on the design of their websites
  • Deliver high-quality ads from Microsoft advertising networks
  • Track ad performance using Analytics tools

Of course, there’s no promise that you’ll earn millions from displaying PubCenter’s ads but it could be a good alternative to Google AdSense and other advertising program that may not be earning that much for your sites.

To sign up for Microsoft PubCenter beta, check out the details here. You may also want to read the PubCenter Blog for some enlightening articles on contextual advertising related to Microsoft PubCenter.


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