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Microsoft to Acquire Musiwave

Don’t look now, but it seems Microsoft is off to something with its announcement of intention to buy Musiwave, a mobile music entertainment service company. Musiwave is an Openwave company with an established partnership with music labels, device makers and mobile operators in delivering digital entertainment to mobile consumers. Microsoft’s Connected Entertainment Technologies and services which include Windows Mobile, the recently updated Zune, MSN and Windows Live would benefit from Musiwave’s strong relationships with its partners.

Pieter Knook, senior vice president of the Mobile Communications Business at Microsoft said that the acquisition of Musiwave would bring Microsoft more untapped areas to explore and showcase the power of its software plus service.

“Microsoft and Musiwave share the same philosophy in working with hardware and mobile operator partners to deliver great experiences for mobile device users,” says Knook.

J Allard, corporate vice president in charge of music at Microsoft said that Musiwave’s software expertise and extensive relationship with operators and music companies would help Microsoft take its products and services to the next level.

“Musiwave would bring key assets to us as we continue to bring our vision of Connected Entertainment to life,” says Allard.

Certainly Microsoft needs Musiwave to spruce up its mobile music services that would complement its media player Zune, which is being upgraded with a new version today. Microsoft’s Zune has not had too much success in clobbering a great piece of the digital media player market. If Microsoft wants to make some headway with its Zune player, the acquisition of Musiwave would certainly help that goal.

Should the acquisition pushed through, do we see Microsoft “iZune”in place of the Zune Marketplace?

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Microsoft to Acquire Musiwave

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