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Microsoft Search Toolbar to Rival Google & Yahoo

Microsoft is reported to announce today that it will introduce a browser based toolbar that includes a window for searching MSN search using. This directly reflects that MSN has decided to take a serious run at establishing itself as a search engine giant, in turn- a search advertising monster.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, the toolbar, which will be voluntarily placed below the control panel on a browser, also includes shortcut buttons to other Microsoft services such as Hotmail e-mail and its MSN Messenger product. However, it is not reported if the toolbar will be automatically added to the browser in future updates.

The search toolbar more or less takes a stab at similar toolbar products launched by rivals Yahoo and Google- which both now include pop up blockers and shortcuts to their own respected services. With the implementation of the toolbar, Microsoft hopes to introduce millions of Internet users to its search technology and other MSN online services.

The intro of the new Microsoft Toolbar comes at a time when MSN, the once search and portal power, has been trying to play catch up with Google and Yahoo for control of the search engine market. Google and Yahoo have also been making many changes recently. Yahoo bought Inktomi and Overture Advertising Services last year which Google has expanded its AdWords advertising program into one of the largest ad networks on the web.

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Microsoft Search Toolbar to Rival Google & Yahoo

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