Microsoft Search Engine to Launch, Rival Google and Yahoo

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According to a Knight Ridder report, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is set to challenge the dominance of Google with his own high-powered search engine, which has been in secret development for more than a year.

A Microsoft spokesman said: “Microsoft believes that the search engine experience can be dramatically improved and we are investing significant financial and human resources in a new type of search engine that will be a major improvement on existing offerings.”

More than a year ago, Microsoft built what the software industry calls an “algorithmic crawler” — nicknamed a “spider” — to assemble a vast index of websites. After long months of combing the web, and assisted by a large team of programers, the spider’s work is nearing completion.

Microsoft’s search engine aims to provide a superior service by enabling users to personalize the service.

MSN Search results are now powered by Inktomi Search Index and serves Overture paid advertisements, both part of the Yahoo Search Engine Monster- which launched its own new search engine last month.

MSN´s New Search Engine in Testing Phase

Microsoft’s MSN division has launched a sneak peek beta test of its new MSN Search Engine. The new MSN Search is a full speed ahead effort for Microsoft to catch Google and Yahoo in the search engine race. The new MSN Search Beta Test can be previewed at

At first glance MSN more or less uses the same style for their layout, but now clearly differentiates the difference between organic search results and paid search advertising. A plus for MSN.

If you search for “online marketing” on the current MSN Search you’ll find a mixture of Looksmart driven Web Directory listings, Overture Sponsored Link ads, and Featured Sites… all peppered over the organic Inktomi results.

The New Beta Version is rumored to be delivering results from MSNBot, the new search engine developed by Microsoft (you may sometimes see Inktomi results during testing). The listings show no directory driven sites and are much cleaner… gearing up for a new IE browser that’s MSN Search friendly and Microsoft’s new toolbar. Here’s the same “online marketing” search on MSN Search’s Beta Test.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Vasco da Gama

    I get the same results at as This wasn’t the case a few weeks ago when I was using it.

  • albert

    I just now used the search engine of MSN.

    Its faster but the reasults are some what based on google itself i think

  • Sohail

    Just used the MSN search site, nothing special, couldn’t find the results I wanted. Although the best thing about Yahoo and MSN entering into competition is in the long term a better experience for searchers.

  • maxz

    tried to compare the 3 search engines (msn beta , google , yahoo) for pamela anderson both google & yahoo returns 3 million counts while msn returns 640 K++. tried another search phrase “This is my land” , msn return 29 million counts , google return 12 million counts but yahoo return the most 141 million counts. Have not checked if the contents are really what i wanted though …

  • Sumit Kr. Gupta

    i’m using google search engine.using a new search engine by microsoft is a great news and i have a lot of expectation from it.

  • pao


  • Arun Johnson

    hai I started to use MSN search. I find that it is the same as Google search. There should be some inoovation expected from a company like Microsoft. This beta version is not providig with options so that I can customise mine.

    I lke my search engine to a leraning one so that it can adapt to my tastes. for that it would be better to give a small profile for the users……this is my personal opinion.

    Thank You.
    All the Best..

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    I agree completey with your point.

  • Prometheo

    Only at the end of the forms is possible to undestand that nothing is for free…

  • Anita

    how many times it would be faster than google search engine.